There sure are some peculiar terms to know as a Uplust user, but with a little extra information and practice using them yourself, you’ll get the hang of them in no time.

What It Means to ‘Relust’ Someone on Uplust

A “relust” is simply a repost of another Uplust user’s post on your own profile to show to your own followers. Like hashtags or mentions, relusts help make the service better and allow people to spread discussions easier.

How do I Relust Someone Else’s Post?

Relusting is very easy. All you have to do is look for the double arrow relust button displayed beneath every picture or video and click it (if you’re using the desktop web) or tap it (if you’re using a mobile device).

That user’s post will then be automatically embedded in your profile and they will receive a notification that you relusted them.

Please note when the original post is deleted, the relusts too are deleted.

What Are the Benefits of Relusting?

When you relust somebody else’s post, you’re essentially interacting with them. Unless they get a ton of interaction with thousands of followers and have a hard time keeping up with notifications, they’ll notice your relust and they may decide to connect with you or possibly even return the favor.

 You’re also introducing valuable information and suggesting new voices to follow, to your own followers. Relusting is what spreads good information fast and makes things go viral.