Every week the Uplust team will challenge all Uplust members.


What is a challenge on Uplust?

A challenge on Uplust is a photo competition related to a theme chosen by the Uplust team.


Who can take part in a challenge?

Every registered member can participate in a Uplust challenge.


How can I participate?

To participate, you will only have to post your own picture which will have to correspond to the chosen theme, and to add a special #hashtag.


How is the winner chosen?

Every week, the Uplust team will choose a picture from one male user and one female user or couple. The said picture will be chosen according to its relevance to the theme and its aesthetics.


What’s to be gained

The female user AND male user whose picture will be chosen by the Uplust team will be featured in the « Who to follow » section and get their profile verified. Additionally, they will receive a lot giveaway by the partner/sponsor of the week.