Be advised that all payments are sent out within 7 days following each pay period’s end.
We will send you an email notification alerting you of any payout made to your account.

Payment by Check

If you are receiving payment with Checks by mail, they are sent within 7 days following each pay period’s end. The information below has listed the arrival time for Checks:

  • 1-3 weeks for international

Common reasons you haven’t received a payout include:

  • A payout was not generated. Sometimes broadcasters believe they should have received a payment, however they have not earned the minimum payout, did not convert Lusts, or have converted Lusts into the next pay period. If this is the case, you can still receive a payment the next period. Converted Lusts do not expire and the next pay period would be in less than two weeks.
  • USPS can not deliver the check to the address you provided. When this happens they return the check back to us and we contact you for a new address. We suggest waiting to see if the check arrives, or we can expedite the process by canceling the check and sending it to a different address. For those who have issues receiving checks, we recommend the Wire Transfer payment method.